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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nokia Modem Drivers

How to get installed your nokia mobile supported modem driver without installing the Nokia PC Suite???

You need only have to Download and install Nokia PC Suite one time to get modem driver that comes with your mobile phone or if not use latest software version from Nokia Suite  (More thane 50MB)

You just only need the "Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver" to install the Mobem driver

1. After installing the PC suite,  go to its path: 
 e.g : C:\ProgramData\NokiaInstallerCache\PackageCache

2. Browse for the folders to get Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver or simply use search box

3. keep a copy of this setup and use it to install modem drivers without installing the Nokia PC Suite.

ex :- In windows 7  Setup dialup connection

4. After get installed with using Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver.exe, use

Create Dial up connection from Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

Setup a connection or network  - Connect to the Internet - Dial-UP
Set Dial-up Phone as a *99# and create connection with filling the connection name and click the connect button

Here is a screenshot of internet connected nokia C5-00 status screen 

current driver version compatible with these devices

Compatible devices

Nokia 2323 ClassicNokia 5800i XpressMusicNokia 7230Nokia E63
Nokia 2330 ClassicNokia 5802 XpressMusicNokia 7310 SupernovaNokia E65
Nokia 2600 ClassicNokia 603Nokia 7500 PrismNokia E66
Nokia 2630Nokia 6086Nokia 7510 SupernovaNokia E70
Nokia 2660Nokia 6110 NavigatorNokia 7610 SupernovaNokia E7-00
Nokia 2680 SlideNokia 6120 ClassicNokia 7900 Crystal PrismNokia E71
Nokia 2690Nokia 6120ciNokia 7900 PrismNokia E71x
Nokia 2692Nokia 6121 ClassicNokia 801TNokia E72
Nokia 2700 ClassicNokia 6122cNokia 808 PureViewNokia E73 Mode
Nokia 2710 Navigation EditionNokia 6124 ClassicNokia 8800 ArteNokia E75
Nokia 2720 FoldNokia 6208cNokia 8800 Carbon ArteNokia E90 Communicator
Nokia 2730 ClassicNokia 6210 NavigatorNokia 8800 Gold ArteNokia N71
Nokia 2760Nokia 6210 SlideNokia 8800 Sapphire ArteNokia N73
Nokia 3109 ClassicNokia 6212 ClassicNokia 8800aNokia N75
Nokia 3110 ClassicNokia 6216 ClassicNokia Asha 201Nokia N76
Nokia 3110 EvolveNokia 6220 ClassicNokia Asha 202Nokia N77
Nokia 3120 ClassicNokia 6260 SlideNokia Asha 300Nokia N78
Nokia 3208cNokia 6263Nokia Asha 302Nokia N79
Nokia 3250Nokia 6267Nokia Asha 303Nokia N80
Nokia 3500 ClassicNokia 6290Nokia Asha 305Nokia N8-00
Nokia 3555Nokia 6300Nokia Asha 306Nokia N81
Nokia 3600 SlideNokia 6300iNokia AstoundNokia N81 8GB
Nokia 3610 FoldNokia 6301Nokia C1-01Nokia N82
Nokia 3710 FoldNokia 6303 ClassicNokia C1-02Nokia N85
Nokia 3711 FoldNokia 6303i ClassicNokia C2-00Nokia N86 8MP
Nokia 3720 ClassicNokia 6350Nokia C2-01Nokia N900
Nokia 500Nokia 6500 ClassicNokia C2-02Nokia N9-00
Nokia 5000Nokia 6500 SlideNokia C2-03Nokia N91
Nokia 5130 XpressMusicNokia 6555Nokia C2-05Nokia N92
Nokia 5200Nokia 6600 FoldNokia C3-00Nokia N93
Nokia 5208Nokia 6600 SlideNokia C3-01Nokia N93i
Nokia 5220 XpressMusicNokia 6600i SlideNokia C3-01iNokia N95
Nokia 5228Nokia 6650Nokia C5-00Nokia N95 8GB
Nokia 5230Nokia 6650 FoldNokia C5-01Nokia N96
Nokia 5230 NuronNokia 6700 ClassicNokia C5-03Nokia N97
Nokia 5230Nokia 6700 SlideNokia C5-04Nokia N97 Mini
Nokia 5232Nokia 6702sNokia C5-05Nokia NM705i
Nokia 5233Nokia 6710 NavigatorNokia C5-06Nokia NM706i
Nokia 5235 Comes with MusicNokia 6720 ClassicNokia C6-00Nokia Oro
Nokia 5250Nokia 6730 ClassicNokia C6-01Nokia X2-00
Nokia 5310 XpressMusicNokia 6750Nokia C7-00Nokia X2-01
Nokia 5320 XpressMusicNokia 6760 SlideNokia C7-00sNokia X2-02
Nokia 5330Nokia 6788Nokia E5-00Nokia X3-00
Nokia 5330 Mobile TV EditionNokia 6788iNokia E50Nokia X3-02
Nokia 5500 SportNokia 6790 SlideNokia E51Nokia X3-02i
Nokia 5530 XpressMusicNokia 6790 SurgeNokia E52Nokia X5-00
Nokia 5610 XpressMusicNokia 700Nokia E55Nokia X5-01
Nokia 5630 XpressMusicNokia 701Nokia E6-00Nokia X6-00
Nokia 5700 XpressMusicNokia 7020Nokia E60Nokia X7-00
Nokia 5730 XpressMusicNokia 702TNokia E61Vertu Constallation
Nokia 5800Nokia 7100 SupernovaNokia E61iVertu Constellation Quest
Nokia 5800 XpressMusicNokia 7210 SupernovaNokia E62

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to repair RAM Cards (Memory Card)

How to Repair (Damaged/Broken) RAM Memory

RAM ....?

To repair or troubleshoot a memory module you should have to identify what are the problems in your memory. Example: Memory dump or Shorted Ram chip in Ram Card. Some failling Ram Chips make PC restarting or corrupt data during accessing hard disk drive. To solve this problems you can use memory testing software. If RAM card shorted or EEPROM damaged or it erased, then find same ram card or copy EEPROM or replace damaged chip.
Most RAM cards use 24C02 series EEPROMs. with I2C memory reader you can copy or read data in SDRAM DDRAM Cards. But beware when using a multimeter with 3V analog and don't use x1 ohms range with higher mA

If Some ICs are shorted, find same type of RAM chips and replace with a working one.
Here's some of work I did my own.
  • Find the faulty chip

  • After Desoldering

  • Before cleaning up the PCB

  • After cleaning up the PCB

  • Find a similar chip

Solder the corner 4-pins and after solder all pins using hot air

After replacing the CHIP

Monday, May 10, 2010

Capacitor and Inductor (L/C) meter

Capacitor and Inductor Meter
Low cost L/C meter

Using L/C meter it is easy to troubleshoot faults in RF circuit. I had a problem with testing pF value in a clock circuit and oscillators. So I made this and it is very accurate and easy to build.

I replaced the 82uH inductor with 100uH and it works fine. I couldn't find Reed Relay and I replaced it with a 12v Relay with separate 12V regulator to power it.

To get a better performance, use sort wire to L/C connectors.

LC Meter's Inductance Measurement Ranges
10nH - 1000nH1uH -1000nH
1mH -100mH

LC Meter's Capacitance Measurement Ranges:
0.1pF - 1000pF
1nF - 900nF

Expected Accuracy is +/- 1% of reading +/- 0.1pF or +/- 10nH

Main part is PIC 16F84 and use JDM programmer.

Download Source code for 16F84A

Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Build a Simple Card Reader

SIM/DVB-Cards and any type of Plastic Smart card Reader
(Phoenix Interface)

How to read SIM card or DVB cards?
  1. To read SIM cards you should make a Stable Clock Circuit
  2. TX/Rx (Data In / Out) In put Output Data
  3. Make Serial to stable Level converter (12v = 5V)
  4. Some Software .Depend with what you want (SIM / DVB)

Home made Smart card / SIM Card Reader

Generic Phoenix Smart card / Sim card Reader

I made this reader and it didn't work. There was a trouble in the clocking circuit so I replaced the Clock circuit stage with stable generic clock circuit and it finally worked.

This is the Same circuit with stable clocking stage

Use one of these Crystals
3.579MHz, 4.000MHz, 6.000MHz or 7.000MHz

  • All type of SIM cards fully works without any trouble
  • Irdeto Zeta card 5.04/5.03 works with 6.000MHz Crystal
  • Works with Fausto v1.42
Don't worry about my WebCAM

More About SIM and Smart Card

SIM Cards
Smart Cards

Friday, February 12, 2010

WD My Book World Edition (blue ring)

Western Digital My Book World Edition (blue ring)

The World Edition My Books works as Network attached storage (NAS). They also feature an extra USB host port to allow to use USB drive. They are accessed as CIFS/SMB shared folders, via NFS or FTP and also feature UPnP

Network Speed
  • Although MyBook Ethernet capable disks come with a Gigabit Ethernet interface.
  • VIA VT6122 Gigabit NIC 32bit 33/66MHz
  • 256Mb H-die DDR SDRAM (K4H561638H)

Controller Board

  • OXE800 - Ethernet to dual SATA NAS controller with encryption Linux operating system and Oxford firmware

  • 200MHz ARM926EJ-S Processor


My Driver had some problems. It takes too much time to boot up and sometimes it wouldn't work and light single blue light. When I powered my device on all the blue lights.

In that case I solder OXE800 IC and finally my device began to work. Also I have added a heat sink to absorb heat for OXE800 SATA to Ethernet controller.

You can change or replace HardDisk with another SATA drive. File system on original drive is EXT3. Just plug SATA PC and boot with linux and use "lshw -C disk" and you can see Drive details. (Clone OS to new HDD)

/dev/sdb1 ext3 2.80GB
/dev/sdb2 lunux-swap 101.38MB
/dev/sdb3 ext3 964.84MB
/dev/sdb4 ext3 461.89GB

Friday, October 2, 2009

Drivers for ISSCEDRBTA

Intergrated System solution Bluetooth adaptor (ISSCEDRBTA)

This Bluetooth USB dongle comes with a version of BlueSoleil from IVT Corporation

Drivers for Bluetooth Class1 (ISSCEDRBTA)

Download from IVT

Note: Each BlueSoleil version is free downloaded from BlueSoleil.com, and it works. But if your Bluetooth device is not licensed with this version, BlueSoleil will run with 5M DATA limitation. If you want to use it with no limitation, please buy it through the online purchase system, which only takes a few minutes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free E-mail to SMS/MMS Service

Free E-Mail to SMS Services In Sri Lanka

For sending MMS or SMS to mobile phones using e-mail just send your e-mail to addresses like below.

Dialog Telecom

MMS : +9477(Receiver Number)@mms.dialog.lk
SMS : (Phone Number without 077)@dialog.lk

When someone receives SMS from somene, he will charge 1. RS for one SMS


MMS : +9471(Receiver Number)@mms.mobitel.lk
SMS : +9471(Receiver Number)@sms.mobitel.lk

SMS free of charge.


MMS : +9472(Receiver Number)@mms.tigo.lk
SMS : +9472(Receiver Number)@SMS.tigo.lk

User must register for e-mail to SMS service. After activation ( 100 - 150.Rs) you can receive one SMS per 1.Rs

Free Download TIGO Messanger and you can send free 10 SMS per day to Tigo users.

Go http://www.tigo.lk/Messenger/

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Free Download Sinhala Fonts

Free Sinhala Fonts

Free Download Sinhala fonts for Newspapers

Download fonts here

Go to www.lankadeepa.lk
Download fonts here

Go to www.rivira.lk
Use Internet Explorer
No fonts needed for Internet Explorer

Go to www.lakbima.lk
Use Internet Explorer
No fonts needed for Internet Explorer

How to install fonts

Just go to "C:\WINDOWS\Fonts" (%windir%\fonts) folder and paste your fonts.

Friday, August 7, 2009

IR codes for Samsung SVACI 202

IR codes for Samsung SVACI 202
Hi !

I have Samsung SVACI 202 and I lost my remote and its locked. Now I want to unlock it without the remote.

Any suggestions to solve my problem. (I have Lirc and works fine. Any one have working remote and share IR code in Hex format)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Explore your network for free

How to explore your network ?

First you have to find your IP address. All IP addresses are unique in the internet. Go to www.robtex.com and you can find your IP address of home page or use www.whatismyipaddress.com. After getting your IP address you can visually tracerout using your IP to find where you can access network around the world.

What is robtex.com? (freeware Net tools)

Robtex is a software developer which was founded in 1989 developing all kinds of software.
currently the most popular has been free tools like rbls.org and network explorer.
those tools are now merged closer and is called "Robtex Swiss Army Knife".

They provide

RBL checks multible RBL

DNS checks

IP-number checks

C-net checks an entire c-network

whois lookup checks

route checks a specific routed prefix

AS numbers checks information

BGP announcements checks

AS macros checks

Reverse DNS lookup






Any suggestions and comments are appreciated.