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Thursday, May 28, 2009

How Make Universal Infrared Remote Control

Turn your PC into a Universal Infrared Remote Control

This is Pronto 9600 from Philips. They say Best-in-class IR learning and sending performance and are largest Infrared Remote Control data base. It can control a large number of devices. It has the best graphics and you can customize buttons and graphical view and IR codes using their Pronto Studio. www.pronto.philips.com

Make your own!

Make your own universal Infarared Remote controller device that also have these capabilities. With your Notebook or PC you can make a Serial interface based IR receiver and IR Transmitter and learn IR signal codes and send it back.

You can make this simple IR Transmitter and Receiver circuits to make a Programmable Universal Infrared Remote control.

Simple Universal Infrared Receiver for Serial interface

Simple Universal Infrared Transmmeter for serial interface

How to Configure your circuit with winLIRC

IrCode from www.lirc.org

How to control a PC with your IR Receiver

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