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Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Build a Simple Card Reader

SIM/DVB-Cards and any type of Plastic Smart card Reader
(Phoenix Interface)

How to read SIM card or DVB cards?
  1. To read SIM cards you should make a Stable Clock Circuit
  2. TX/Rx (Data In / Out) In put Output Data
  3. Make Serial to stable Level converter (12v = 5V)
  4. Some Software .Depend with what you want (SIM / DVB)

Home made Smart card / SIM Card Reader

Generic Phoenix Smart card / Sim card Reader

I made this reader and it didn't work. There was a trouble in the clocking circuit so I replaced the Clock circuit stage with stable generic clock circuit and it finally worked.

This is the Same circuit with stable clocking stage

Use one of these Crystals
3.579MHz, 4.000MHz, 6.000MHz or 7.000MHz

  • All type of SIM cards fully works without any trouble
  • Irdeto Zeta card 5.04/5.03 works with 6.000MHz Crystal
  • Works with Fausto v1.42
Don't worry about my WebCAM

More About SIM and Smart Card

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pintu said...

hey tanx but can u tell me ...is the 74hc00 only one ic and shld i make connections to that ic only as shown in diagram.i have another diagram almost same but i also has a usb power,external sim connector and sim connector(i didnt understand this part) and something called jp1,jp2,jp3 and it also has transistors.doesnt ur circuit require any transistors

Amarjeet said...

phoenix smartcard readers
Jcop cards

sod said...

i am interested in building the smartcard reader ckt... can i have the part list and a detailed schematic diagram....thanks in advance

Ronie said...

If I want to use FT232 for usb based design then how will be schematic ?