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Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to repair RAM Cards (Memory Card)

How to Repair (Damaged/Broken) RAM Memory

RAM ....?

To repair or troubleshoot a memory module you should have to identify what are the problems in your memory. Example: Memory dump or Shorted Ram chip in Ram Card. Some failling Ram Chips make PC restarting or corrupt data during accessing hard disk drive. To solve this problems you can use memory testing software. If RAM card shorted or EEPROM damaged or it erased, then find same ram card or copy EEPROM or replace damaged chip.
Most RAM cards use 24C02 series EEPROMs. with I2C memory reader you can copy or read data in SDRAM DDRAM Cards. But beware when using a multimeter with 3V analog and don't use x1 ohms range with higher mA

If Some ICs are shorted, find same type of RAM chips and replace with a working one.
Here's some of work I did my own.
  • Find the faulty chip

  • After Desoldering

  • Before cleaning up the PCB

  • After cleaning up the PCB

  • Find a similar chip

Solder the corner 4-pins and after solder all pins using hot air

After replacing the CHIP


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Yes, to troubleshoot a memory unit it is really important to classify what are the problems in the memory, so that it would make the repairing more easily and effectively. If this repairing given to any other relevant party it is really hard to make sure of their work is accurate, so most suitable way is to make it on our own. This article is a great assistance in this situation.

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