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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Free E-mail to SMS/MMS Service

Free E-Mail to SMS Services In Sri Lanka

For sending MMS or SMS to mobile phones using e-mail just send your e-mail to addresses like below.

Dialog Telecom

MMS : +9477(Receiver Number)@mms.dialog.lk
SMS : (Phone Number without 077)@dialog.lk

When someone receives SMS from somene, he will charge 1. RS for one SMS


MMS : +9471(Receiver Number)@mms.mobitel.lk
SMS : +9471(Receiver Number)@sms.mobitel.lk

SMS free of charge.


MMS : +9472(Receiver Number)@mms.tigo.lk
SMS : +9472(Receiver Number)@SMS.tigo.lk

User must register for e-mail to SMS service. After activation ( 100 - 150.Rs) you can receive one SMS per 1.Rs

Free Download TIGO Messanger and you can send free 10 SMS per day to Tigo users.

Go http://www.tigo.lk/Messenger/

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