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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Explore your network for free

How to explore your network ?

First you have to find your IP address. All IP addresses are unique in the internet. Go to www.robtex.com and you can find your IP address of home page or use www.whatismyipaddress.com. After getting your IP address you can visually tracerout using your IP to find where you can access network around the world.

What is robtex.com? (freeware Net tools)

Robtex is a software developer which was founded in 1989 developing all kinds of software.
currently the most popular has been free tools like rbls.org and network explorer.
those tools are now merged closer and is called "Robtex Swiss Army Knife".

They provide

RBL checks multible RBL

DNS checks

IP-number checks

C-net checks an entire c-network

whois lookup checks

route checks a specific routed prefix

AS numbers checks information

BGP announcements checks

AS macros checks

Reverse DNS lookup






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