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Thursday, May 7, 2009

LG KG300 KG200 KG195 Drivers

LG KG300 KG200 KG195 Mobile Phone Drivers and PC Suite

Download LG KG300 KG200 KG195 drivers for COM ports - 98 / ME / XP / Vista

Download PC Suite for LG KG300 KG200 KG195

Step 1.
Download the driver and Extract files in the .rar file. Click on InstallDriver.exe or install selecting the driver folder when found new hardware wizard appears .

Video Tutorial here

Transfer Phonebook

Step 1.

double click on “PhoneSuite” or run PhoneSuite

Step 2.

Select the port and click on the phone Book

Step 3.

Read Phone book and Sim so you can save or edit your contacts

Video Tutorial here

Go to the settings and select “Create Connection”

Step 2.
Type the Operator settings as per the service provider and Click on Create.

Step 3.
Click on Continue Anyway and install drivers

Step 4.
Select the connected operator and activate it by clicking on respective Dial-Up connection

Video Tutorial here


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