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Sunday, April 12, 2009

SigmaTel D-Major Audio Decoder Features

SigmaTel D-Major Audio Decoader Features
Based on STMP1342, STMP3410, STMP3420, STMP3510, STMP3520, STMP3550, STMP3560

  • Decodes MP3 and WMA and is upgradeable to other digital music formats.
  • Supports WMA Digital Rights Management (DRM) and other security schemes.
  • Includes on-chip read-only unique ID for Digital Rights Management algorithms.
  • Hardware supports NAND Flash, SmartMedia, MMC and Secure Digital.
  • Flexible, efficient on-chip DC-DC converter.
  • GPIO and button I/O controls.
  • Voice record in ADPCM format.
  • Volume control on record and playback.
  • Full analog mixer configuration.
  • <0.05%>
  • High performance 18-bit ΣΔ technology.
  • Line-in to Line-out SNR >90 dB.
  • More than 35 hours of operation on a single AA battery.
  • Windows and Macintosh USB Mass Storage Class support.
  • Upgradeable firmware.
  • Energy saving dynamic power management.
  • Bass and Treble control; configurable multiple band control.
  • Multiple NAND as 1 drive.
  • Battery level detection using LRADC.
  • Power mass storage device from USB when connected to the PC.

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