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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Huawei FWT Wireless Modem Driver (TUSB3410)

TUSB3410 chip as a USB To Serial Port Controller

Download Data sheet from Texas Instruments

Download Drivers for

ETS1000 ETS1001 ETS1200 ETS1201 ETS1500 ETS1501
ETS2000 ETS2200 ETS2500
ETS2077 ETS2288 ETS2577 ETS2051 ETS2251 ETS2551
ETS2026 ETS2256 ETS2556 ETS

Download Drivers (Win XP / 2000 / 98 / ME)

Installation Guide

1)Run Setup.exe in directory "Setup" to install the Modem's driver. System prompts users to insert USB data wire and install the Modem. We recommend users to adopt this method.

2)Users can also simply insert USB data wire into the computer and finish the installation by hardware installation guide of the system.

.Inf files needed on win98/Me:

Win98\UmpUsb.inf UMP 3410 Unitary Driver
Win98\UmpPort.inf UMP3410 Serial Port
Win98\HuaWeiMdm.inf HUAWEI WIRELESS MODEM(153.6K)

.Inf files needed on Win2000/XP:

winXP\umpusbXP.inf UMP 3410 Unitary Driver
winXP\UmpComXP.inf UMP3410 Serial Port

3) Simply plug the cable and install drivers selecting the device in driver's folder. If you couldn't install Modem driver or can't find modem on your system Install drivers manually.

How to install Modem drivers Manually selecting modem driver. Click here to video tutarial.

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