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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sony VAIO 400GB USB pendrive

A 400GB Pen drive! Can you believe it!

It it is unbelievable. I got this flash drive through a friend mine in Japan.
It is said that only 10 of them manufactured! (correct me if I'm wrong). It doesn't bear any other markings except Sony , VAIO logos and "400GB USB 2.0" engraved in metal casing. File system is FAT32 and it does't exactly contain 400GB. It consisted only 394GB approximately. The only drawback I encountered is that it cannot be formatted!. I tried every known methods of data destruction in the IT spectrum but ended in deadlock. I never found anything like this on the local market and on the internet. When I asked a local dealer about a 400GB pendrive they offered me a 400GB external hard drive. After I plugged in it to the dealers' machine he found out that his main storage is not as big as the flash drive. Finally about the video, sorry about my WebCam.


Anonymous said...

I just got back from China and I bought two of them. I got them for roughly $18/each. I only bought two because I couldn't believe they were real. And I also can't figure out how to format it.

dmitrijs said...

Did You know the real size of this pendrive?

koti said...

hello everybody this is koti. i am using sony vaio 400 GB USB pendrive.
but i have a problem with that. at the time of purchasing that pendrive onwards i met more problems. i.e , that pendrive detects in some computers only. i don't know what is the problem. and liberates more heat from pen drive. if anybody knows about this problem plz send to me by mail. my mail id : kotisomething@gmail.com
thank Q for every one ......

Anonymous said...

It's a fake. 256GB is the biggest on the market right now...Which is just absolutely amazing for the size.

When I was in China about year ago and they were selling a 128GB for like $40. I told the girl to let me test it with my laptop and if in fact it was that size for that price, I would buy all that she had. She agreed. When I plugged it in and looked at the properties, it showed 128GB.... So I started copying a 700MB movie to it multiple times with different names. During the 3rd attempt it failed and said can't write to drive. Turns out that it was simply a 2GB drive that had been modified to lie about it's size. And you can read and write to it with no problems until you fill it up. This is a common problem with non-reputable vendors. And Chineese vendors are less reputable.

BUY.COM is selling the 256GB made by Kingston. Both are reputable names. You can't trust the name on the drive unless you can trust the vendor to refund your money... The one I tested in China was labeled with Sony and you can't trust the label especially in China!

reevasmith said...

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Anonymous said...

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