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Monday, May 10, 2010

Capacitor and Inductor (L/C) meter

Capacitor and Inductor Meter
Low cost L/C meter

Using L/C meter it is easy to troubleshoot faults in RF circuit. I had a problem with testing pF value in a clock circuit and oscillators. So I made this and it is very accurate and easy to build.

I replaced the 82uH inductor with 100uH and it works fine. I couldn't find Reed Relay and I replaced it with a 12v Relay with separate 12V regulator to power it.

To get a better performance, use sort wire to L/C connectors.

LC Meter's Inductance Measurement Ranges
10nH - 1000nH1uH -1000nH
1mH -100mH

LC Meter's Capacitance Measurement Ranges:
0.1pF - 1000pF
1nF - 900nF

Expected Accuracy is +/- 1% of reading +/- 0.1pF or +/- 10nH

Main part is PIC 16F84 and use JDM programmer.

Download Source code for 16F84A


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