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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Get FREE Incoming Phone Number

How to get Free Incoming Phone Number for your Internet enabled PC ?

Who will provide the trunk bandwidth and resources for free. Most service providers offer to use some resources of them for free. Most totally free services test their products and monitor their issues and major troubles. When they have a perfect service, they will market their products.

To receive calls, simply you have to get a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) number and route that Voice call to your PC.This process is referred as PSTN to VoIP or PSTN to SIP (session Initiation Protocol). Some VoIP providers give Free SIP number and using that SIP number user can receive calls over the Internet or by different SIP service providers.

Most VoIP pro
viders offer Free PC to PC calling and when you want to receive calls from land-lines or from mobile phones you should pay for a month or activation charges. ( Yahoo, Skype).

To Receive Calls From PSTN to PC

To get free Calls from land-lines or mobile phones in world wide.

Step 1:

Find a free PSTN Number Registration Service
to get a free regular phone number.Some of the providers are listed below.

IPKall, the service that lets you receive FREE calls over the Internet from any phone, anywhere, any time! This service offers a free geographic number in Washington.

Stay completely anonymous... it's 100% free! .
FREE U.S. phone number
FREE calls to U.S. 800 numbers
FREE incoming calls from anywhere in the world
FREE voicemail sent via email as .mp3 attachment
FREE softphone download

Worldwide Free Calls
Free Telephone number
No setup fee
No contracts


Register and get your free phone number

In these times I use ipkall.com whose service is simple and light. To sign up with ipkall you should have to get a SIP number.


Find a free VoIP or SIP service provider and register with it.

Some sites providing these services.

iptel.org service allows incoming and outgoing calls from/to any other IP Telephony service.


Simply choose iptel.org and register for free and get a SIP number.

Sign up Free

Pick your user name.Your SIP address will be username@iptel.org. That user name is your SIP address in that domain. You can choose letters or numbers for that user name.

After sign up, login with your account and configure your settings. Disable Call Forward settings if you don't want the voice mail service.


Now register with ipkall.com

Sign up for Free

Fill the form with info like this:

Choose Area Code wherever you like and register. Provide a valid email address to receive your IPKall number. After you got your Phone number you can setup your SIP software or Phone


Choose your Phone/software and configure

Yahoo Messanger
Google Talk
3CX Phone

You can configure Nimbuzz Messanger as your Phone. It also allows users to get free calls, chat, and do more with your buddies from Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, Google Talk and others.

go here to register for free

Install Nimbuzz and sign in to Numbuzz.

Then go to Settings -> Calling Settings and fill
with iptel settings

step 7:

Finally get a call using any land or mobile phone to test your ipkall. Nimbuzz messenger will pop up with your incoming call .

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