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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Download ES-388 Bluetooth Dongle Drivers

How to install ES-388 Device Driver using these Files ?

View ES 388 Driver Installation Video Tutorial

ES 388 Bluetooth Dongle Original CD Rom comes with IVT BlueSoleil 1.6 . You can install licensed version of BlueSoleil or evaluation version. It will install device drivers and It will work properly.


Lahiru said...

link broken.pls give me new download link.

zipwaves said...

Thanks for the feedback. Well the link has been fixed and you can try it now.

Anonymous said...

Ainda não resolveu meu problema.

Dispositivo não reconhecido.

Windons XP SP3.



zipwaves said...

Bluesoleil comes with most of the dongles. This particular device comes with an earlier version of Bluesoleil.This installs the drivers and the software.But the Bluesoleil release 2.3 will also work.Try a Blusoleil version compatible with WinXP_SP3.Try Blusoleil 6.x

bynge said...

hey , the link to in easyshare is broken again can you fix it ?

Or may be host it in www.mediafire.com or somewhere ?

zipwaves said...

Links are active. Try downloading now.

Rolando said...

hi, is there any drivers for windows 7?

Anonymous said...

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Amarjeet Prasad said...

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